Best school lunch in town for kids …. and teachers!

At Packed Lunch Guy we specialise in preparing and delivering nutritious school lunches, delivered direct to the classroom in time for morning snack.

We deliver three days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Order by 8pm the night before and let us make your morning a bit easier – no making lunches, no wasted food, less stress and no clean up!


When and where is delivery?
Packed lunches are prepared fresh and delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, directly to the classroom in time for morning snack.

We do school excursions too

Choose the ‘Excursion’ Lunchbox and we will pack and label the days snacks and lunch as per school instructions, delivering in time for bus departure.

Supporting the local community

Each month a % of sales, from the last week in each month, is donated to a local charity or organisation. Donations so far include: Seaford North Primary School Parents Club, Dogs for Kids with Disabilities, Carrum Primary School Animal Palace, Seaford North Primary School Parents & Friends Club and Avocare.

October 2018 – Red Kite

Healthy lunchbox tips for Summer

Use insulated lunchboxes or cooler bags. Pack a frozen drink bottle or freezer brick inside the...


Pack your own lunchbox in 4 easy steps

Choose your lunchbox 

Each child gets their own personally labelled lunchbox delivered straight to the classroom, in cool bags/boxes, in time for morning snack.

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What our customers think

Amazing service. Awesome food, easy ordering process I couldn’t be happier and my 8yo fuss pot loves it too!! Seaford North PS parent

PLG is the best thing to happen to school lunches since…well….ever. Happy kid = happy Mum = happy life!!!!!
Thanks Guy! Xx Seaford North PS parent

This is amazing ecspecially when you discover you have nothing in the cupboard for lunchboxes and don’t have time to get to shops. Food is amazing too, kids always eat everything and love being able to choose what they get. Love our community. Seaford North PS Parent

Contact PLG

Please send any feedback using the form.  We are wanting to evolve our menu as it needs to so we need you to tell us because we want to know.

Guy Riley – The Boss/Chef/Cleaner
Mobile: +61 421 503217