About us

Packed Lunch Guy is a local business preparing and delivering nutritious packed lunches to local primary school students and teachers, owned by Guy Riley.

I saw an opportunity for setting up the company after my daughter, Poppy’s first year at school. When speaking to a lot of parents about what they were looking forward to in the holidays the common denominator was “Not making bloody packed lunches!”  So the idea was born.

Preparing your nutritious lunchbox

  • All home baked goods are made by us, and go through a rigorous taste test – my two fussy kids
  • All eggs used in our baking are free-range, including some from our own chickens.
  • Sandwiches and wraps are made fresh every morning
  • All food is prepared in our certified home-based kitchen and we have completed all the preparation, courses and home inspections Frankston City Council requires.
    (Click here to view Certificates)

We are passionate about reducing waste

packed lunch by guy

My tasting panel

This is why we have chosen reusable lunch boxes over disposable packaging, which also allows us to use no wrappers on the food.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
    • Reduce waste – no packaging
    • Reuse – lunchboxes washed for reuse
    • Recycle – any food packaging is recycled and food scraps go to the chickens or into our compost bin

We value your privacy

  • We only capture the minimum data required to provide you with our fresh, healthy lunches.
  • This includes your name, email address and contact phone number, as well as the name of each child and class.
  • We do not collect or store any credit card or payment information… ever.


  • Payment can be made via Visa, MasterCard and Paypal
  • Payments are made via a secure trusted payment gateway.
  • All orders are paid in full when they are placed.


We love to receive feedback – the good the bad and the ugly – as all feedback will help us improve and grow as a business.  We are also always looking out for new menu ideas so please contact us at any time.

About Guy

I’m English (please don’t hold that against me!) I’m a SNPS dad to Poppy (Grade 3) and Harry (Grade 1) and husband to Amanda. Work-wise, I come from a hospitality and wine background. I like…… keeping fit, kayaking, fishing, cooking (thankfully!), rugby union, AFL (Carlton, for my sins), cricket and the occasional adrenaline junkie fix.